The intolerance of coffee

How I hate frothy coffee. I’m ok with people who are cool with it. It’s my preference but I loath and detest it. I hate the accumulated hours of my short lifetime waiting for it to be “lovingly prepare” . It’s a dead zone which no degree of spirituality can fill. I appreciate that it exists because on the one hand we say we like ‘rich strong’ coffee but actually prefer rich weak coffee. The art of the barista is the art of warming milk. The coffee is always decidedly second and as the Monmouth coffee shop once said there is no such thing as a good espresso roast. I don’t like cheap coffee and I don’t like scolding myself with hot milk. Black coffee is an abomination for the lactose intolerance. Good coffee cold milk is that to much to ask in this age of coffee vanity? It looks like it is. Continue reading

Peachtree City

I found this paper languishing online which is a shame it’s really good. I remember flying to the Geo computation conference it was the only time I’ve ever been upgraded to first class. At the conference I experienced a presenters worst nightmare when ┬áthat Alistair accidentally knocked my laptop off the podium and destroyed the screen. Fortunately it was already set up for the presentation and I could still use the video projector with the cracked black screen.

A Spatial Signature of Sprawl: Or the Proportion and Distribution of Linear Network Circuits