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The current version is 1.2

WebmapAtHome Version 1.2 is the current version
    Mac Version   [download 1.2]
    PC/other Version  [download 1.2PC]
    Mac Version   [download]
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    User Guide (draft)  [download]

old versions WebmapAtHome Version 1.018
    OLD PC/other Version  [download]

This assumes you have Java installed if not then click [ here ]

If you want to do clever things with webmap then you might want to look at a webpage about the .AXIL file format that webmapAtHome uses. Click [ here ] for the documentation of the file format.

Whats new in webmapAthome 1.019

  1. DXF import of axial lines - you can export DXF lines made in a number of applications.
  2. Synergy Mapping - this appears to have some exciting properties at identifying named areas.

Whats new in webmapAthome 1.2

  1. Decay,Vicinty, new forms of radius
  2. Visiblity lnks
  3. origin destination