Comparision Statistics between

the city of Milton Keynes (UK)and Peachtree City



Milton Keynes

Peachtree City

“Red Ways”
125 miles of trail
80-90 miles of trail
Predominantly bicycles and pedestrians
Predominantly golf carts and pedestrians
Trails 3m wide, asphalt (red)
Trails 2.75m wide, gray asphalt
Trails part of the original masterplan
Trails not in the original development plan
Trails perceived as “failure”
Trails perceived as “success”

Background to City

Background to City

Planned community
Planned community
Brief 1967, Masterplan 1970
City chartered March 9, 1959
Age 33 years
Age 44 years
Built by Ministry of Housing, local government and private consultants
Built by private developers
Original designated area 22,000 acres
Area 15,500 acres
Intended for overflow population from London
Commuter satellite of Atlanta
Original population of designated area 40,000. Intended max. population of city 250,000
Intended population?
Current population 207,063 (2001 census)
Current population 31,580 (2000 census)
Accessed from M1 (major arterial)
Accessed from I-85 (major arterial)
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