thinking behind the mass observation



I thought I might check the mail base - I know we are all really busy before the conference but there was one unique and urgent thought.

Everyone could do with a large open data set of observation pedestrian movement. This would require a large number of people to be in a large number of points over the city at the same time. There will be a large number of space syntax people at the conference at the same time.

Perhaps we might use the conference to set a world record on pedestrian observations! If we could get everyone at the conference to go out at the same time for 30 mins and observe a street segment. The values could be collected together and applied to a syntactical map of London. Everyone would then get an opportunity to have access

to the data everyone collected. Its a little last minuet but If we select a site around the conference then the whole thing might take less than an hour.

Perhaps people might think this adherence to collecting accurate information is a little old fashioned and beneath them.If On the other hand, your like me and feel accurate open and statistically large scale information is the heart of new theoretical thinking the field then please email me or respond to the mail base.

If I get 8 replies, I will being the notion of a mass observation to the SSS4 organizers and see if it can be slotted in somewhere conveniently into the program.