Aidan Barnaby Conroy Dalton

Born January 11th, 2003 (10:46 am)

foot prints actual size

foot prints actual size


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Explanation of his name

His full name is Aidan Barnaby Conroy Dalton.

Aidan is a Celtic name, not English (Ruth is a quarter Irish, so there is some justification in selecting a Celtic name). However, there is also a Northumbrian (Sheep's place of origin) connection to the name; St. Aidan was known as "The Apostle of the Northumbrians", at a time when Northumbria was the greatest of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. He was the founder of the monastery at Lindisfarne,  arriving in Northumbria in 635 AD and died 651 AD).

Aidan means "Fire".

Barnaby was simply a name that we both happened to like. It is an English name - Ruth actually preferred "Barnabas", but apparently that is the Hebrew version of the name, so we decided to choose the English spelling (and Sheep also thought that Barnaby was easier to spell).

Barnaby means "Son of comfort".

He also has Conroy (Ruth's maiden name) as a second middle name - which he shares with both Sheep and Ruth!

Obviously, his initials are A. B. C. D.

Note! Conroy Dalton is NOT double-barreled (his surname is not Conroy-Dalton) and please also note that we both dislike "Barnie" or "Barney" as an abbreviation for Barnaby. HOWEVER, we do like "Bar" as an shortened version of Barnaby.

After much deliberation, on a day to day basis, we've decided to call him Barnaby (or Bar).

Incidentally, had he been a girl, we would have named her Annis Bunty.

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Vital statistics

Hair colour: medium, golden brown and straight (so far)

Eye colour: dark blue/grey (so far)

Length at birth 21 inches or 53.3 cm
(Average length of babies at birth 50-52 cm)
This places him in the 90th percentile!

Weight at birth 6lbs and 15 oz or 3147 g
(Average weight of babies at birth 3500-4400 g)

Head circumference at birth 12.75 inch or 32.4 cm
(Average head circumference of babies at birth 33-35 cm)
This places him in the 10th percentile, i.e. he has a small head (lucky Ruth!)

For growth charts, check out

Ruth's waters broke at 38 weeks and Aidan Barnaby was born at 38 weeks & 2 days (or 268 days) since LMP or 257 days since date of conception (which we happen to know was April 29th 2002).

His weight at his first pediatrician's check-up on 20th January 2003 (at 9 days old) was 7lbs and 6oz, so he has already regained his birth weight.

At his pediatrician's appointment on 27th February he weighed 11lbs 1oz

At his 2 months pediatrician's appointment on the 13th March he was:

Weight 12lbs 1oz (50th percentile).
Length 22 3/4 inches (25-50th percentile).
Head circumference 15 1/2 inches (25-50th percentile).

At his 3 months pediatrician's appointment on the 14th April he was:

Weight 14lbs 2oz (75th percentile).
Length 24 1/4 inches (50th percentile).
Head circumference 15 7/8 inches (25-50th percentile).

Birth story

Click here to read the birth story (it is rather long!). Here is a sketch Sheep made of Ruth whilst in the hospital.


Shortly after birth in the hospital
Aidan Barnaby being weighed (you can read the birth weight on the scales)
Close of of A.B. in profile
A.B. and Ruth's hands
Another head shot
Big yawn (bit out of focus)

A.B. on his changing table
Semi-profile shot
Working from home!
In stripes!
Yet another head shot
With Atlanta in background

The midnight feed!
Sheep and lamb
Lamb asleep on Sheep
Ruth and A.B.

Lamb 'out and about' in Borders bookstore
Lamb and Sheep in Borders

Denin boy
Denin boy 2
Denin boy 3
No photos please! (the paparazzi shot)
Big stretch

On his changing table
With his grandfather, Derek Dalton
With his Dalton grandparents
Bathtime 1
Bathtime 2
With Ruth, in a sling
Another sling-shot!
In a sushi bar (he gets out and about!)
Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the cutest of them all?
Horizontal, smiling and wearing a yellow nappy (diaper)
Half smile
The real thing - SMILEY :)
Sheep and Lamb again, I rather liked this photo of Sheep

His first trip to Quaker Meeting
On his "baby gym", motion shot!
Trying to scratch his head and falling asleep half way through?
Passport photos - which one to choose? (By popular consensus we chose the top left)
With Ruth's mother, Dru
Another shot with Ruth's mother
Grizzly lamb
Yet another grizzly lamb
Post grizzle! (There was ~2 minutes between this sequence!)
Another shot in his "bear chair", this time an action shot
Almost sitting!!!!!!!
And finally, a family shot

We will be adding more photos continuously.
Please check back for more up to date pictures.


These are his original ultrasound scans, taken at 9 weeks and 5 days.

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4


Our midwife, Debbie Pulley
Ruth's Obstetrician, Dr. Dott
Northside Hospital online nursery

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