Fractional Angular Analysis

These pages detail some of the new research I did for my paper for the Third Space Syntax conference in Atlanta. My paper will primarily be covering a new theory that can perform new kinds of configurational analysis. The results of my initial experiments are look interesting and these pages will hopefully show how this new form of fractional analysis performs The software which performs the analysis is called ";Meanda" ( Mean Depth Angular ), it is a few days work away from completion if you would like a copy when it is finished then please email me - sheep (at) or sign up on the guest book and I will tell you when it is ready. I hope to be putting up a version on to this web site for free down loading. If you are also considering doing a paper for Atlanta and you have observation counts for an axial maps then you might want to perform an Fractional analysis and present your results. While I have no direct evidence for improved corrections.. I feel from the images, produced that they may result in an increase in statistical clarity in certain circumstances.

For more information on how fractional analysis is computed click here here.

To Down load the Meanda software click here

Sheep ( sheep AT )

London Radius infinity Fractional Analysis

Notice how the radial structure of London comes out with more detail. Click on this map to enlarge it.

London Radius infinity Mean Depth. This is a vehicular map so Oxford street has been removed to represent it's non availability to cars. Click on this map to enlarge it.

Barnsbury Radius Infinity Fractional Mean Depth - Notice how Camberwell Rd is now suddenly an integrator. Barnsbury is less integrated due to being in the center of the map.

Barnsbury Mean Depth You do get a strong effect from being embedded in a large area.

Fractional Leicester Vehicular

Notice that the radial routes ( especially the east west ones ) are much more intergrated. Also the ring road is coming out stronger. More importantly the central routes do not over intergrated due to there centrality ( although this is still and effect ). The fractional algorithm seems better suited to this old style pathway.


Mean Leicest Vehicular

London New York Fractional Mean Depth ( Logged ) What pleased me most about this is that Broadway is now one of the most integrated streets ( compare this to the Normal Mean Depth )

This is the normal mean depth ( logged for comparison ) for new York. Notice Broadway under performs in terms of integration.

Amsterdam fractional Click on it to enlarge.

Amsterdam Mean depth Click on it to enlarge.

York ( 1995 ) fractional, notice how the fractional integration reaches out from the the center along the old roads into York city center

York Mean, fairly typical result for a European city.

Barnsbury all lines

All line map of Barnsbury processed using fractional integration. Click on map for enlarged view.

All line map of barnsbury processed using traditional mean depth.Click on map for enlarged view

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