Fractional Angular Analysis

Down load Meanda software.

Meanda is the software I wrote to perofrm all the compuations for the conferance paper. while not suitable for the absolute beginer anyone with some familarity with 2D drawing in a CAD program should be fairly compitant to help you do a map and then process if in Meanda. then Meanda works on MacOS 8.0 - 9.2 It works under MacOs X( 10) via the emulator Donations t would be appreciated and help the whole space syntax research commuinity.

Down load Mac Version - Click here to down load

The PC version has strange colour problems I think. I don't have access to an expensive PC so I can't quite work out what is going wrong. Again donations to help this would be a great benifit.

By the way dispite over 100 down loads from the syntax community I have recived Zero funds to help keep Meanda maintained. You know who you are ! Even an email saying thank for the free software and all the money you put into developeing it would be some minor recompence !

Down load PC version - This down loads as a PC gzip file which uncompresses to be a PC executable. Click here to down load It should force a normal down load operation. email me if you have problems.

Note it is for academic research purposes only, it should not be used for commerical purposes or student design projects.

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