PC dom    
Finally had a look at the viewer on a PC. Intreasting the PC font didn’t look as good on a PC than on a Mac. It definitely ran more slowly too. I think I will have to sort out more on the adaptive rendering front (unnessasry on my current machine).
On this front I’ve also made the startup much faster by finally getting the progressive loading working correctly. I spent ages trying to get the multithreading to work and in the end the problem was that I had the default location set. By zooming out to the root folder after the first folder is created you get the root folder up almost instantly sub folder then appear with a little popping as it happens. I like the popping it makes the interface look more ‘alive’.
I might also make the catalog datafile compressed and uncompressed it at the applet end. The zipped archive is about one third the size - hence the down load should be about one third the time ( at most ).
The other most frequent comment now is the lack of more than 10 books - really does confuse people. I’m making the push to get the download of all ( or at least more) books happening more rapidly.
Mapping Amazon
Thursday, 27 April 2006